California Hawking Club
Lake Ming Mini-Meet
Bakersfield, CA
October 19th - 21st 2018

Members of the California Hawking Club in the south are planning an early fall campout and Mini-Meet Weekend.  This is a must attend outing for new/aspiring apprentices and will be held the second weekend of October. Campsites can be reserved, and Frank and David will advise people as to what sites are in the area we want. A few of us are planning to arrive early Thursday morning. Hopefully we can get a large grouping of campsites, so we can take over a section of the camp. Let us know when you reserve a space.

Kern River Campground


Frank Virga
(661) 599-7830
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(951) 906-2954

Tentative Agenda

Friday, October 19th
Morning - Arrival and camp set-up. Out Hawking!
Noon - In camp for do it yourself lunches. We’ll be back out hawking or cooling off if it is a hot weekend.
Evening - No host campfire and dinner. We can plan at lunchtime what everyone wants to do for dinner.
We all need to bring firewood for the campfires Friday and Saturday nights.

Saturday, October 20th
Morning - Up early for more hawking
Noon - We can again decide Friday if we all want to do something for lunch, or if we’ll do it individually.
Evening - Group banquet, hosted by the CHC, in appreciation of our members. Dinner is free to current 2018 members, but donations to the club will be gratefully accepted.
Once again we will need lots of firewood for the campfire.

We are in the process of soliciting donations for a raffle on Saturday during/after the BBQ. Please consider donating any extra Falconry items you have that an Apprentice might need.

Sunday, October 21st
Travel day, with hawking on the way home for those who are not too burnt out.