The California Hawking Club ("CHC") was formed in 1971 by a small group of dedicated falconers to preserve and promote the public image of the art of falconry, to assist in the conservation of birds of prey, and to collect and disseminate information through its publications. The CHC is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation which was incorporated in 1979 for the purpose of preserving birds of prey and advancing the art and practice of falconry by:

  • The improvement of the qualifications and abilities of falconers through high standards of practice, experience, ethics, conduct and achievement
  • The dissemination of knowledge through research, meetings, reports, papers, discussion and publications;
  • The active promotion of the public image of falconry to the end of having falconry viewed as an art and sport, to be preserved for future generations; and
  • The preservation of all birds of prey through the active education of the public as an appropriate and effective conservation measure.
  • Membership is open to falconers and non-falconers alike who support these aims and purposes.

Membership Dues

The CHC's annual membership year runs from March 1 through the following February.  The membership dues are subject to change in accordance with the CHC's bylaws.

The California Hawking Club is committed to valuing our members privacy by NEVER sharing their personal information with anyone.